Liner Note Kids is an apparel brand inspired by music.

It all began in 2009 with one tshirt designed to promote an album. Interest gathered on Tumblr and the first line of lyric tees was created. Since then, there have been four more LNK collections released so far, each with its own back-story, but all with the underlying inspiration of pop-punk music and the people who live for it.

All shirts & hoodies are designed, printed and shipped by LNK founder, Charli, with help from many amazing people along the way. They’re designed for the Liner Note Kids (those mentioned in the all encompassing “Thanks to our fans” in the liner notes of your favourite albums). They’re designed for people who want to wear their love for music, lyrics and bands with pride. They’re designed for you.


Crowd & Connections


This line is about that sense of belonging we feel being a part of this music scene and about being at a show and connecting with your friends, the band, and the crowd of strangers next to you.

Currently available for purchase

LNK calendars


2012 LNK calendars were sold on a print-to-order basis. There was a range of 24 lyric designs to choose from, so the calendar could be customised with your favourites.

LNK 2.0


In 2011, after 2 years of selling shirts through Tumblr, LNK relaunched with a new website, new webstore, new designs, and even a new way of printing. LNK 2.0 was the first screenprinted collection from Liner Note Kids and celebrated the new medium with grungy retro typography and lyrics from LNK fans favourite bands.

Currently available for purchase

Scool for the Desperate & Devoted


A school inspired collection featuring a uniform, a crest, a motto and even senior's hoodies with personalised names on the back.



This collection was a collaboration between two best friends who met online thanks to a shared love of music, and was released on October 9th: a year to the day they first met. All phrases were written by the wonderfully talented and inspirational Sharleen Schier and the graphics were all first created as stencils.

LEK originals


The original collection. It all started with a line of lyric tees designed on request from friends, and made popular on Tumblr.